Who are we?

Albert Ellis Institute is located in NYC. Our director is Kristene A. Doyle, PhD.

Rational Psychology (www.reaptr.com) is the branch of the Institute in Turkey. We are located at Abbasaga Mh. Yildiz Cd. No 61/4 Besiktas/Istanbul. Our director Dr. Murat Artiran is supervisor in REBT in Turkey.

What is REBT? REBT is an action-oriented psychotherapy that teaches individuals to identify, challenge, and replace their self-defeating thoughts and beliefs with healthier thoughts that promote emotional well-being and goal achievement. REBT was developed in 1955 by Dr. Albert Ellis. Dr. Ellis has been considered one of the most influential psychotherapists in history. In a survey conducted in 1982 among approximately 800 American clinical and counseling psychologists, Albert Ellis was considered even more influential in the field than Sigmund Freud. Prior to his death in 2007, Psychology Today described him as the “greatest living psychologist.”

AEI conducts research and provides continuing education for mental health professionals, self-help workshops for the public and affordable psychotherapy and psychological assessment.

We provide;
⦁ Psychological Counseling Service over phone-skype and email.
⦁ Stress management
⦁ Time management
⦁ Anxiety and Depression,
⦁ Relationship problems,
⦁ Emotional difficulties,
⦁ Marital life, Family and Family problems,
⦁ Traumatic experiences,
⦁ Grief Counseling,
⦁ Work-Life Balance,
⦁ Work related personal difficulties, etc…

Why we decide to establish this kind of service? It’s for making a balance between private life and lifetime problems and being focus on the job.
Giving training all individuals and teach them in short period how to solve the problems for a long term…

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