Psychological counseling via Skype Turkish & English

Psychological counseling via Skype

Skype address: muratkaanny or Psikolog Murat Artiran
You can get psychological counseling from your home for 1 hour sessions. The cost of each session is 120 USD.
Our clinical psychologist Murat Artiran is an expert in Rational Emotive Behavior & Cognitive Behavior Therapy. He sees clients age of between 15-45.



1- Where do you make calls for counseling over the Internet?

Via Skype

2. Is it sufficient to maintain good image and connection quality?

According to our experience Skype is very successful in this regard. A 50-minute conversation can be sustained without interruption. For example, only 2 of 10 sessions are interrupted 2 or 3 times, these interruptions are fixed immediately. It is better if you connect wiht a Desktop computer or a Laptop; the connections from the mobile phone are not appropriate.

3- Is there a time limit?

Our normal negotiations last for 50 minutes or 1 hour.

4- Can a second person participate to a session?

Online calls are of course better suited to be one person, but two or three people can still join the same session.

5- Suitable for children and adolescents?

We can say that online sessions are not suitable for children younger than 12-13 years old.

6- What do we do if I need medication?

In fact, we (clinic psychologists) do not prescribe drugs. You can ask psychiatrists whether they should take medication or not.

7- How is the treatment being followed?

There is no difference from face-to-face interviews. The method we use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy. Compared to other therapy approaches it is a short-term approach (average of 10 sessions).

8- How are the tests and other analyzes done?

First of all, it should be noted that the test and evaluation process is much easier and faster than the face-to-face interviews, because most tests can be done via e-mail.

9- Can I get online therapy if I have severe mental disorders?

We do not advise psychologists to provide online counseling in severe cases, and we advise clients to get support from the area they are in. Severe mental disorders may include schizophrenia, paranoia,  suicidal cases, borderline personality disorder and psychological attracts (crisis).

10- Can English online counseling be available?

Yes. In our center, English sessions are held by Dr. Murat Artiran

11- How much is the cost and how will I pay?

Each session is 80 USD. You can use Turkish Bank account or United State Bank Accounts. Or Western Union. You make payment before the sessions.

12- What is the skype address?

Go to skype and search for muratkaanny or Psikolog Murat Artiran

13 – What is the best time for meetings?

It is online ! so whenever or wherever you want ! 🙂

14- Can I get psychological support from online if I live in Istanbul?

Online counseling is only for consultants who live outside of Istanbul or abroad. However, those who live in towns like Yalova, Gebze, Beylikdüzü which are very far from the center of Istanbul can apply to benefit from this service.


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