Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavior Psyhotherapy (REBT) (Ellis, 1994, 2003) is an eminent cognitive-behavioral approach to psychological treatment, which distinguishes itself from other forms of cognitive-behavioral approaches by proposing that psychological ill-being is caused by irrational beliefs. Albert Ellis proposed the ABC model in REBT approach which suggest that in the face of stressful events, not activating event (A) cause our emotional and behavioral responses (C) but our beliefs (B). Beliefs about stresfull events can be either irrational or rational. Irrational beliefs (Ibs) are unrealistic, excessive, inflexible, and illogical beliefs. IBs can be subsumed to four categories: demandingness, awfulizing/catastrophising, frustration intolerance, and global evaluation beliefs (also called self/others/life downing) (DiGiuseppe, Doyle, Dryden, & Backx, 2014).

Dr. Murat Artiran, REBT & CBT Supervisor, Author

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