Theory and Research on Mental Health (TRoM)

TRoM is an international journal publishes scholarly original papers concerning clinical and counseling psychology, psychiatry, mental health counseling and related areas of science and practice.  The journal endeavors to encourage scholarly debate amongst professionals involved in practice, theory, research, and training in all areas of mental health.  The Journal is particularly interested in articles that try to illuminate the risk factors and potential preventive factors of mental health.  The Journal seeks theoretical discussions and literature reviews on emotional, behavioral, interpersonal, personality, and addictive disorders as well as positive conceptualizations of mental health such as subjective well-being, happiness, resilience.


The Journal will publish:

  • original research articles
  • brief research reports
  • research reviews
  • practice reviews
  • empirically-based case studies
  • theory-building
  • descriptions of innovative techniques and procedures
  • discussion of philosophical foundations of psychotherapies
  • theoretical articles
  • articles in advances in clinical training
  • literature reviews
  • book reviews

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